Every market, product, or sales channel is unique. This requires a smart coordination and integration of logistical components.
We simplify complex logistics processes into a smart supply chain solution by combining the right knowledge, an understanding of the specific conditions and our expertise of the logistics chain.

This results in benefits in quality, cost, and sustainability and therefore enhances the creation of additional value for our clients.


Logicall offers customers a One Stop Shop concept. In our European warehouses and Technical Service Centers we combine logistic disciplines in the fields of international inventory management, storage, order fulfillment, product configuration, distribution, high-quality secured transport, Installation on-site, value added logistic services, technical logistics services, parcel distribution, returns management and more.

In collaboration with our customers and business partners, we add customized value throughout the chain. We offer one concept, one IT platform and one point of contact.

Design & Optimize

We have our own engineering department to create insights in all ongoing processes. Continuously working to analyze and improve processes both internally and externally. Hereby we can also help to gain insight in customer’s supply chain and think along how to improve the customers process flow.

Control tower

We believe in building partnerships with our customers. This means we provide a central team of operational account specialists to secure and optimize the process. We do this through insights gathered from data, ensuring that we are ahead of expectations and can act proactively. Through our customer portal, every milestone in the journey of a shipment can be tracked.


The Logicall operation is aimed at offering hybrid solutions for Business to Business, Business to Marketplaces as well as Business to Consumer markets to service complex crossover requirements. All is offered from warehouse locations combining regular order pick/pack strategies with fulfilment.

For example, an end customer may choose to pick-up single-piece parcel their orders at retail locations, or prefers a delivery at home or any other specified location. At the same time a B2B customer may require a 10 articles 20 piece order to be delivered at a pallet at a store.

Our IT solutions support this multi-channel complexity and ensures transparency that allows all stakeholders involved in the supply-chain to see all options and statuses during the process in all different combinations.

Data & Digital

Our platform delivers real-time visibility of order statuses, facilitating seamless integrations with a variety of systems such as SAP, Shopify, Amazon, or bespoke APIs. We offer an efficient order placement process through our integrated portal, ensuring that all warehouse orders are managed with precision. All warehouse orders are picked and packed via a fully automated and real-time scanning solution.


Logicall experiences daily how important it is to have proper protection for goods. During handling, transportation, and storage, the goods are exposed to temperature fluctuations and vibrations. This calls for the right protection.

It is also important to consider logistical dimensions when designing the packaging. This benefits both the loading capacity and the protection. Reducing empty spaces prevents the movement or falling of the load.




Customer satisfaction is our highest aim.
Logicall Supply Chain Solutions wants to achieve this together with you.
With decades worth of experience, we connect the know-why to the know-how.

We are the specialist in logistical service providers and offer a wide range of customized services.
Our integrated services and flexibility enables you to keep your promises – always, even with the complex
dynamics of new product launches or end-of-quarter peaks.

Our customers are able to deliver their products to their customers quickly, within budget, on time and in a sustainable way.

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