Parcel management

We provide a comprehensive solution through both our platform and parcel logistics services. Our platform empowers businesses with a user-friendly interface for steering on optimal parcel routings, seamless check-out, tracking, analytics and management. We combine this with our logistics expertise and capabilities, from supply chain design to professional customer service. Providing extensive and competitive solutions across Europe, from logistics coordination to last-mile delivery.

Shipping and return platform

Connect your ecommerce, ERP and or WMS system via ready to use integrations or headless API to 1000+ carrier services. Realize a faster time to market and seamless integration with your systems.

Parcel logistics

Save time and cost by spending 45% less time on unnecessary customer contact. Your return services are available 24/7 and helps to prevent unwanted returns and revenue loss thanks to gatekeeping.

Use our whitelabel webportal or the headless API to easily integrate with your own systems and services, no additional systems are needed.

Seamless connectivity

Optimize your shipping from within your system. We offer an easy connection thanks to existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

Data & insights

We design the best possible solution for you, combining efficient domestic and cross-border transport management for smooth end-to-end shipping and return. With active project management and support during the implementation process an a dedicated contact person during the lifetime of the contract.


Infinite possibilities one single solution

Our pioneering, cloud-based shipping and returns platforms provide a simple and uniform interface to all major carriers. Thanks to our integrations you save time and money with easy implementation.

Want to focus more on your core business? Our Managed service is the solution for you! Let us worry about carrier contracts, customer issues, transport surcharges and invoice control.

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