Road transport

Specializing in European distribution, we offer tailored road transport services. Our expertise in project management and customized logistics guarantee smooth and secure shipments every step of the way. With a robust fleet and extensive partnerships, we ensure timely delivery across the continent with continuous access to shipment details.

European distribution

With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles and a vast network of European partners, we facilitate distribution ranging from small pallet shipments to full trucks across all European countries. We prioritize efficiency and transparency in our operations to deliver the best service to our customers. With our customer portal and real-time status updates, we guarantee constant access to shipment information.

Dedicated solutions

For every complex logistics challenge, we have a customized solution. Together we look at the specific request and find an appropriate solution. Appointments, time window bookings, pallet exchanges, deviating dimensions or weights, we have a solution for everything.

Cooled & secured

Hygiene, temperature control and shipment security are important parts of transporting goods related to healthcare and high-value goods. Our professionals work with modern systems and partners to ensure that these transports run smoothly.


Projects are characterized by large volumes in short periods of time. This usually requires specific project management. Our engineers start gathering the necessary information and requirements early on in the process. Together with other stakeholders, they determine how the project will be implemented. Throughout the process, the customer is informed of any updates in our portal.

T1 and non EU

Our professionals also accompany your shipments with the correct documents. Transport via T1 or from/to non-EU countries means that careful actions must be taken to ensure that the movement of your goods is also successful in the documentation.

Proactive communication

Collecting or delivering your goods involves effective communication. We are familiar with your partners and fulfill their wishes to the best of our ability. To do this, we keep in touch and take the work off our clients’ hands. With pro-active communication we provide the answers before the question arises.


How efficient cooperation can be

Our network brings 17,000 vehicles together, 28,000 employees, and delivers 36,000 pallets every day. Ensuring the alliance is a sector leader. We are using 18 world-class central hubs and 314 strategically-placed delivery centres in 42 countries.

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